Hi there! I’m so glad you found this page.

I’m an extroverted software data engineer-morphed user experience designer specializing in making data presentable and graphically meaningful.

Whew, that’s a mouthful isn’t it?

Let’s break it down: I can do technical and creative; I can dive into the code-ocean, but also design the look and feel. I stay happy if I can do both, with a healthy 40/60 split. Too much code, and I become too introverted and yearning to talk to people. Too much talking, and I get restless to architect what we’re talking about. I work best where code and design meet.

I’m curious! Consequently, I end up reading about and gaining skills in a variety of areas. I just like seeing the full picture around me.

Good design and usability makes me smile… so naturally, I believe that code which requires little effort by the software engineer to navigate is just as valuable as how well the program functions internally. I fully believe in the two-tap rule!

When not working, I enjoy learning about new technologies and nerding-out on the latest UX trends and typography. To meditate, I play piano and do yoga; to keep my mind and body in working order, I go on adventures outdoors (hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, you name it). I’ve climbed various mountains in the pacific NW, traveled to over 23 countries, and rent an AirBnB room in my house. I’ve founded a Hungarian Scout Troop in Portland, which I still volunteer for on a regular basis.

Check out my resumé or my Linked-.