Hi there! I’m so glad you found this page.

I’m a user experience designer specializing in research and making data visually meaningful while striving to make my resulting designs fit the user like their favorite shoe.

Let’s break it down: I am creative and technical; I research and design the experience, but not afraid to dive into the code-ocean. I’m happy if I stay in design land, but can speak the language of front-end development, and produce a code-able design.

— Research Tools —
Google Analytics / Surveys
Zoom / Skype
iphone camera/recorder

— Design Tools —
Pen + Paper
Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

— Front-End Tools —

— Work Culture —
I value employers that give designers a seat at the table from beginning to end. The environment should be positive and open, where people work for the common good. It is where ethical creativity, collaboration, and user experience are core values.

I love to solve problems, especially when they are unique in nature. In that vein, I am most motivated when I have something new to learn for each project that comes through the door.

When given the opportunity to learn through challenge and mentorship, I offer work with egoless attention to detail, loyalty, and eagerness to take on leadership responsibility.

— Personal —
When not working, I enjoy learning about new technologies and nerding-out on the latest UX trends and typography. To meditate, I play piano and do yoga. To keep my mind and body in working order, I go on adventures outdoors (hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, you name it).

I’ve climbed various mountains in the pacific NW, traveled to over 23 countries, and rent an AirBnB room in my house. I founded a Hungarian Scout Troop in Portland, which I still volunteer for on a regular basis.

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