My dad is sailing across the Atlantic

Say What?

Yeah. He’s talked about sailing around the world, so this trip from the Caribbean to the UK is, let’s just say: his training trip. So I’m a tiny bit worried… this sort of trip was not something done by the faint hearted… thinking back to 400+ years ago when Columbus and others sailed from Europe to “India”. Many people died and fell into the ocean (Yikes). But I think he will be alright, technology has improved so much that he will even have a GPS tracker on him. (And we thought the Marauder’s Map was fiction!) Here’s the link. He’ll be sailing starting in early April and will be getting to Europe by Mid May. Sick!


For lack of a better expression, I got kicked out

… Ever so politely.. But apparently it was a marital dispute. So let’s rewind 4 days… I travel to near Cahors where I am to help a couple make a website. I was to stay there 3 weeks. I may recount the place, it was very pretty, very quiet.. but I am in too much confusion right now to do so.. anyways, this morning at 10am, the husband comes and knocks on my door, and after I say he can enter, he says “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out…” to which I’m thinking, ok? Did I do something? Then when I ask him to elaborate, he’s saying, well my wife and I have been arguing, etc etc.. I finally understand it’s nothing to do with me, just between them, but they basically want some time alone. So he continues: “We have a friend going to the train station at 2 pm today, you can go with him..”

So.. What do I think inside.. perhaps “wtf??” Ok. awesome, so I’m being sent away with a 4 hours notice, I’m sure the worst job doesn’t do that after kicking you out… So I take a long shower, pack up, eat as much as I can (which served me well, because I knew I probably wouldn’t easily get to food all day, it being Sunday), and then left to go to the train station. Took a train to the south to Toulouse, called into a l’auberge de jeunesse.. and got a room for the night.

So crazy, eh? I’m trying to figure out what to do next.


September 20, 2010
Ujonnan a szarbarugás a szerencse, gurult és pattant mint a kő a víszínén, aztán délután bekerültem Accenturenek egy interjú-felmérésére… eléggé sokat kellett piszkalni őket emailben, hogy végre beszéljünk. Találkoztam regi kollegakkal a CP-Analitikában. Beköltöztem Tamás lakásába a hetre, nagyon kényelmes és sok hely van, és csak 40 percbe telik beérni az egyetemre, jobb mint Szentendrétöl az 1 ora es 15 perc…