Pyranees Backpacking Day 1

Day after Lolo’s surprise wedding. Castet, France. Woke up “relatively” early to a beautiful day in the Pyrenees: mountains all around. Today, after the picnic at noon in Port de Castet, we were headed out towards GR-10 trail close to […]


Checked off the list… would have been better if I didn’t get sick for 3 out of the 8 days, but at least I was getting some D. Now for a sappy little video:

The Wandzillas!

#TeamWandzil finally united after much anticipation at the terminal for our flight to Tacloban. We can't wait to dance, sing, throw beach balls and exchange knowledge with the community of Tacloban. #iescphilippines #volunteeriesc Thanks to @intel for making this a […]