When you have the most grandiose plans…

Is when something comes along and completely obliterates your plans. Today, it was Jetlag (and maybe the fact that I lowered my black screen to keep out the light from my room). However, I somehow managed to fall asleep at 11:30 pm, and come to my senses at 12:30… PM. That is 13 hours of unconsciousness. Here comes the funniest part: I had made a whole to-do list the night before to be completed before noon the day of my exorbitantly lengthy nap. Indeed, that list was supposed to be started at 7:30 am, for which I set my alarm to 7:30 pm.. (clearly unintentionally). List point 1. Go for a run. Haha. Right. Needless to say that did not happen. Instead I came to hearing someone fiddle around downstairs, thinking, who the heck is up this early. Only after did I take an accidental look at my watch to see how insane that person really was only to find out that it was perhaps myself that is insane to nearly end up missing my 1:30 pm class. Well that’s a first. So now here I am, thinking I got around Jetlag of 6 hours by going to class Tuesday and Wednesday normally, waking up at a respectable 8 am each day to be completely laughed at by my brain the following morning.. erm, afternoon, telling me: yeah right, nice job trying to trick me YOU FOO. And now I’m back to going to bed at 2am. A fűzfán fütyülő rézangyalát!

Don’t stick your nose in other people’s business

Note: The title is open to other interpretation upon reading this post.
Note 2: If you’re easily disgusted, read on at your own risk.
So I’ve moved in, signed the contract of my apartment in Toulouse (yay).. but this is only the first part of FINALLY getting myself situated. I think I voluntarily hazed myself as a part of the new flatmate process.
Naturally, when I move in, I like to start out with clean (well as clean as i can get it within a do-able time period). So, I help clean out the recycling, take out the trash, and like at home, I don’t only want to take out the trash from the kitchen, but grab the bags from the toilet, the bathroom, etc. Well, this didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked to. Let’s just say I completely lost my appetite after the first one, and nearly vomited after the second one. I’m also pretty sure I got quite pale, and nearly cried.
Taking out the trash.. really shouldn’t be that bad, but I didn’t realize that people kind of neglect to empty the trash bins at regular intervals, with all the life going on all the time… when I did ask how long ago the trash was taken out, I got shrugs from all directions. The first person to move in was at the beginning of September. So. Shrugs. What does that probably mean? Well I propose a hypothesis: Before September. But that could mean anywhere between the stone age and September 1st. So let’s narrow the interval: Between the time this apartment was built (most likely before 1900) and September 1st. What does that really mean? Holy F@#&ing GROSS. Months of trash. In the bathrooms. Let’s not let our imaginations crawl too far. I will describe what happened. I enter the toilet with a bigger trash bag into which I plan on emptying the contents of the about 1 foot tall, half a foot in diameter trash bin. I put the mouth of the bag over the bin, and turn it over, holding it as far away as possible, breathing in little snippets, squinting my eyes lest something flies out. Half of the trash falls harmlessly into the bag. But what’s that? The bin is turned 180 degrees upside down, and half of the crap is stuck on the bottom of the bin, like a large glob of gunk. So I shake, and with the third shake, with the help of gravity and the release of friction and I’m assuming water tension, it vomits itself into the bag. Thunk. I hold my breath even longer, and detach the bin from the bag. Inside: I am not kidding: grubs. And gnats. . Now you’re wondering how I have the guts to go to the second bathroom…
Well, I was hoping that because it was the girls’ bathroom (no toilet), it would be less horrible. But oh no. that one stunk more. I think I will stop here and just let you lose your appetite, but spare you the vomiting 🙂

Upside of this: now is clean, and this will not happen any more while I’m here.

3 Strikes, your out…

Well today was interesting, en fait, when I arrived to campus, I ran into one of my classmates, with whom I walked to class. But alas, the building was blocked from the inside with chairs and tables that were piled against almost every single door… except one – which we found and then finally could make our way up to class. Why the blockage? Well, the french are en greve.. basically having a strike against the raised retirement age, which of course effects students aversely I guess too. The class started a bit late, but pretty much everyone was there.
I’m sure in the US, there wouldn’t have been one person in class. The second class of the day was cancelled because the building was locked, then when we went to the secretary to ask if our last class (algebra) was to be held, the whole secretary building was closed. Being insistent, our class of 12 found the algebra professor’s office, and decided to leave a note asking him to phone one of us if there will or will not be class – which we would propagate throughout. It looks like I have to go home since the cafeteria is closed, and there’s no where else to eat really, unless I took a bus somewhere. I kind of hope there is no class anyways, since I have plenty of catching-up to do. Plus, I could take a nice nap which would suite me well.
Oh and ps, I don’t get why it is so terribly cold here. Seriously. I’m like 100 miles from the Mediterranean. and it’s only mid-october.

For lack of a better expression, I got kicked out

… Ever so politely.. But apparently it was a marital dispute. So let’s rewind 4 days… I travel to near Cahors where I am to help a couple make a website. I was to stay there 3 weeks. I may recount the place, it was very pretty, very quiet.. but I am in too much confusion right now to do so.. anyways, this morning at 10am, the husband comes and knocks on my door, and after I say he can enter, he says “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work out…” to which I’m thinking, ok? Did I do something? Then when I ask him to elaborate, he’s saying, well my wife and I have been arguing, etc etc.. I finally understand it’s nothing to do with me, just between them, but they basically want some time alone. So he continues: “We have a friend going to the train station at 2 pm today, you can go with him..”

So.. What do I think inside.. perhaps “wtf??” Ok. awesome, so I’m being sent away with a 4 hours notice, I’m sure the worst job doesn’t do that after kicking you out… So I take a long shower, pack up, eat as much as I can (which served me well, because I knew I probably wouldn’t easily get to food all day, it being Sunday), and then left to go to the train station. Took a train to the south to Toulouse, called into a l’auberge de jeunesse.. and got a room for the night.

So crazy, eh? I’m trying to figure out what to do next.