3 Strikes, your out…

Well today was interesting, en fait, when I arrived to campus, I ran into one of my classmates, with whom I walked to class. But alas, the building was blocked from the inside with chairs and tables that were piled against almost every single door… except one – which we found and then finally could make our way up to class. Why the blockage? Well, the french are en greve.. basically having a strike against the raised retirement age, which of course effects students aversely I guess too. The class started a bit late, but pretty much everyone was there.
I’m sure in the US, there wouldn’t have been one person in class. The second class of the day was cancelled because the building was locked, then when we went to the secretary to ask if our last class (algebra) was to be held, the whole secretary building was closed. Being insistent, our class of 12 found the algebra professor’s office, and decided to leave a note asking him to phone one of us if there will or will not be class – which we would propagate throughout. It looks like I have to go home since the cafeteria is closed, and there’s no where else to eat really, unless I took a bus somewhere. I kind of hope there is no class anyways, since I have plenty of catching-up to do. Plus, I could take a nice nap which would suite me well.
Oh and ps, I don’t get why it is so terribly cold here. Seriously. I’m like 100 miles from the Mediterranean. and it’s only mid-october.

One thought on “3 Strikes, your out…

  1. Szep Napot Toth!

    I’m going to Toulouse for the weekend; send me an e-mail and let me know whether you’d like to meet.
    If you leave your phone # in the e-mail, I’ll call once I’m in town. (I may be able to read a text message at the number in the “website” field of your “leave a reply” field.
    Phones are prohibited for us at work still.

    Yours, James

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