Hungarian Scouts

There will be two camps in the Portland, Oregon area this summer.

  1. Canoe/Kayak Overnight Camp for Children above 11 years of age. They must understand Hungarian and able to speak it at an elementary level. Dates: July 12-13, 2014. Price: $25. Covers food, and kayak/canoe/paddle/lifevest, however if you have your own, please let us know and bring it, as we’re trying to save some money! Sign up here.
  2. Children’s Scout Overnight camp for ages 5 and older. This will be held at a campground 1.5 hrs by car from Portland. Children have to be able to understand Hungarian and speak at an elementary level. Dates: August 7-10, 2014. Price will be $110 per child (covers campground rental, food, and lodging (tents)). Discounts available. Sign up information coming shortly.

Please click on the “Cserkeszet” Menu item for calendar and contact information for any questions!


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