Fete du Vins et le demenagement du lit

November 18 (well actually it is past midnight, so the 19th), people are going craaaazy outside, like Mayfest in Syracuse, or Mardi Gras. It is the festival of wines. All the hard work has paid off with the grape harvest and wine making. The newest wines are opened tonight.
Of course I had no idea this was happening, so conveniently scheduled to move a bed over from a friend’s apartment to mine. Thus, we got the car over to her apartment, lugged the mattress down the stairs, into the car, shoved the mattress in, which actually didn’t fit so i jumped in, compressing the mattress so it would fit. Then she closed the hatchback with me in the back. Eventually got my way up to the front of the compact Opel. Alors, vas-y! My apartment is a 15 min walk from my friends… so driving over shouldn’t take so long…
…It took 40 minutes. Reason: Combination of police barricades (at some point there was a corner with at least 20 cops hanging out in uniform), drunken crowds, cars parked in the middle of the road, too many one way streets, and lack of parking spots. Maybe it would have taken less time if we just carried it on our shoulders through the streets…
3 hours later, finally in bed, writing this post. AAh by the way – had the best hot wine ever, mix of water, wine, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Yummmm. Also made an excellent soup, containing only 2 fresh ingredients: onions and bell peppers. The rest came out of cans and boxes. So far 35 euros on food this week. Can it last til Sunday? Will see.

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